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How to detect and identify mounted and unmounted USB devices on Mac using Cocoa

There could be a situation in which we have to notify the application about mounting and un-mounting the USB and also to identify the USB i.e on which path it is mounted, what is the type of USB e.g I-Pod, I-Phone , Pen Drive etc.

First let’s see how can the application be notified of USB mounting and un-mounting.
To get the notification for mounting and un-mounting  of the USB device we can create 2 notifications:

Notification for Mountingthe USB device

[[[NSWorkspacesharedWorkspace] notificationCenter]addObserver:selfselector:@selector(deviceMounted:)  name: NSWorkspaceDidMountNotificationobject: nil];

Notification for Un-Mountingthe USB device

[[[NSWorkspacesharedWorkspace] notificationCenter]addObserver:selfselector:@selector(deviceUnmounted:)  name: NSWorkspaceDidUnmountNotificationobject: nil];

Once we get the notifications, now is the task to get the volume path on which the USB gets mounted.
This code will give an array of volume paths for each mounted USB

NSArray* devices = [[NSWorkspacesharedWorkspace] mountedRemovableMedia];

Now After getting the mounted paths, let’s identify the USBs
Every device has a VendorId, ProductId, ReleaseID and Name configured by the manufacturer. For ex. if the mounted USB is a I-Pod then it can be identified using the combination of it’s VendorId and ProductId. To get these attributes, Add IOKit framework to the project and import following headers in .m file. Read the rest of this entry

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